Homelab Update: April 2021

Just a quick update and post on my homelab setup. About a month ago I purchased a Lenovo Thinkcentre M920.

I bought it with the intention of using it as a Hyper-V host to run virtual machines and other things as opposed to having multiple computers/servers.


I got pretty lucky on the eBay bid and one with only 2 bids. The specs of this machine are as follow:

  • i5-8500T (6C/6T)
  • 1x16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Windows 10 Pro – But thanks to Towson I got Windows Server 2019 Datacenter free.
  • 27″ Lenovo AIO 1080p Monitor – Crazy but the seller included a whole monitor with the PC as well.


Loading up into Hyper-V, I don’t have much running at the moment. However, I have been experimenting with it and running different operating systems on it.

The main thing I have running is Homebridge which allows non-HomeKit devices to show up and use HomeKit.

Other than HomeKit which I will make another post on, I have been messing around with TrueNAS since I want to make a dedicated home NAS that will store all of my archived data that will mirror it to AWS Glacier storage for long-term storage.

I have also been using Shinobi NVR which is an open-source NVR solution for home or small business. Since it is still a relatively new project I won’t deploy it in production but using it with the RTSP compatible cams I have at home it gives me good redundancy of stored footage.

Adguard Home is something that I was thinking of deploying at home but decided to put on hold. Mainly because I currently use pfBlockerNG on my pfSense box so there isn’t a need for another DNSBL function on the network. This may change if I ever switch to OPNsense but as of now it stays dormant.


To conclude I just wanted to make this quick post about the new addition to the homelab. I am thinking of upgrading to WiFi 6 in the near future but after the Ubiquiti breach I may hold off unless Aruba Instant On proves to be a worthy competitor.