About Me

Welcome! I’m and alumni of Towson University, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in December 2021. I have since taken the role of the Information Technology Manager for Campus Recreation at Towson University, a position that allows me to leverage my academic background in technology. Concurrently, I am advancing my education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Information Technology also at Towson University.

My professional interests are rooted in cybersecurity, cloud, and systems administration, an area in which I have demonstrated proficiency by obtaining Security+, Cloud+, and CASP+ certifications.

This website is designed in WordPress. I have also worked with WordPress on revamping my parent’s business website so I have experience with it. If you want to check out my work then visit: https://familypetshospital.com. I talk more about the design choices over in Posts.

In my free time I like to watch YouTube videos related to tech, play video games, and spend time with family.

I am always looking to expand this website. I hope to add some sort of blog where I document and share projects that I do. But in the meantime connect with me on LinkedIn.